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Is That Necessary to Put in Order the Train Passenger?

                Train is one of favorites public transportation. Besides fast, it also cheap and comfortable. But it is different when you sit on the baggage compartment. It is dangerous but often the passengers more choose it for free tickets. They must not do that.
                They don’t think about their own safety. It is dangerous when the train starts to run. They can fall down from baggage compartment and caused a serious injury even death. If there is an accident like that, the people will accuse the Train Company, whereas the Train Company has been warned them before.
                The people who see something like that are also worried. It will make a frightened when something undesirable happened. Besides it, unordered thing like that is not good to see. It looks like the train is disorganized.

                Sit on the baggage compartment also makes a detriment for Train Company. Because they sit there for free, whereas the costs of train fuel is so expensive. They often ruin the train facilities by scratching compartment with paint or others coloring tools.
                It is not going to be easy to ordered the passenger to obey the rules. The Train Company have to try several way to ordered the passengers who sit on the train baggage like do a routine raid, force to pay fine, give a punishments, and make a control tools like color sprayer, iron crossbar, and concrete balls.

                The Train Company also have to keep the control tools after set it. So the people can’t break it. To make an ordered condition is begin from our self to obey the rules.

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