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Beautiful Surakarta

Surakarta or also called Solo is a beautiful traditional city with a strong Javanese culture located in Central Java. This city offers many cultural tourism and also many delicious traditional Javanese foods. I live in Solo, so I know a few things about this beautiful city. Well, let me share with you.


Solo Batik Carnival is a routine event  held to conserve Batik as Indonesian cultural heritage, and also to introduce Solo as the city of Batik to foreign tourism. The participants are residents of Solo who have been trained before. They wear unique costumes themed about batik. The carnival held along Slamet Riyadi St, started from Kota Barat until Balaikota Surakarta.


Solo has two palace, Kasunanan Surakarta and Mangkunegaran. But it doesn’t mean that Solo is a kingdom. Solo is a town headed by a major. These palace were formed when the colonial of Deutsch colonized Java. Now they are part of this city.


Pasar Gede is the biggest traditional market in Solo. You will find everything of your household needs here. From vegetables, fruits, all kinds of meats and fish, home furnishings, foods, until pets. Oh, there’s a famous traditional Javanese drink here called Dawet Selasih. It’s a kind of drink made from coconut milk mixed with palm sugar, basil, slices of jack fruit, fermented rice, and dough of rice flour called ‘Cendol’. It has a fantastic taste. One of my favorite drink.

There’s a very delicious food too, called Timlo Solo. It’s made from a kind of noodle mixed with carrot, chicken slices, mushroom, sweetened egg, lumpia rolls, sauced with traditional spices sauce, and finally sprinkled with celery chopping and fried garlic. When I ate it for the first time, I want it more and more.


Ngarsopuro is a pedestrian area in the daytime located near Mangkunegaran palace. But when it was afternoon until midnight, it turns into Ngarsopuro Night Market. There’re many Javanese food and drink vendors who peddle along the street. It also a good place to hangout with friends. Ngarsopuro offers Javanese culture atmosphere when it was evening. There’re also many souvenir shops in Ngarsopuro. Once a while, a traditional Javanese dance and music are performed.

PGS (Solo Wholesale Shopping Center)

PGS is a modern market which sells all kinds of batik products with a wholesale price . It is located in Mayor Sunaryo St, near Beteng Trade Center and close to Pasar Gede. You can find many things, like batik fabric, batik clothes with all models, batik bed cover, bags, souvenirs, shoes, and many more. Shopping all day makes you hungry? Don’t worry, there’s a place in front of PGS where you can find many food vendors along the street with a comfort place. It’s all about Javanese foods.

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